Andha Yug

A dramatic reimagining of the last days of the Mahabharata war, through lesser-explored perspectives.

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A bearded Indian man looks to the side with an intense, serious expression. Half his face is smeared with dark paint. The image is dark, with hues of black and blue.

Image Credit: Anamika Tiwary

  • Directed by: Hem Tiwary & Jaya Berged

  • Written by: Dharamvir Bharati

Grief. Existential Crisis. Revenge.

Andha Yug is a dark, gritty play about the last days of the Mahabharata war, as told from the perspectives of Queen Gandhari, grieving the loss of her sons, and warrior Ashwatthama, struggling with survivor's guilt. It is an exploration into the philosophy of karma, the mysteries of time, human journeys through heightened emotions, and the volatile actions that emerge from dislodged passions.

"Stellar performances" - Radio Masti 88.3

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