An Evening with JK

A bold and daring new play from one of Australia's leading trans voices.

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An image of Anna Piper Scott, a woman with long hair staring at the camera with a slight grin. The image has been edited so it is highly contrasted red and blue.

Image Credit: Design Anna Piper Scott, photography by Olly Lawrence

  • Presented by: Heartfelt Havoc Productions

  • Written by: Anna Piper Scott

  • Directed by: Margot Morales

Anna Piper Scott stars in a controversial new work that asks, "How did one of the world's most celebrated authors become one of the most hated?"

In this rare and exclusive literary event, join world-renowned children's author JK (as played by Anna Piper Scott) for an exclusive, hard hitting one-on-one interview. Her books have been read and loved worldwide, and her magical world lives in the hearts of millions of adults and children. However, in recent years, her novels have receded into the background as her controversial political views have taken centre stage.

Some consider her to be the saviour of modern feminism. Others consider her to be the face of a hate movement.

This original play places two oppositional forces against each other in an attempt to unmask the millionaire and reconcile the feelings of former fans and those on the fence. Often illuminating, sometimes infuriating, and always candid, she finally answers the questions she never gets asked, and gives the answers she's always wanted to give.

A must-see for book-lovers, feminists, and women of all backgrounds.

This project received Cash to Create through the Fringe Fund.

About Heartfelt Havoc Productions

Heartfelt Havoc is a new production house created by Anna Piper Scott and Olly Lawrence. Together they create shows that combine provocation and empathy, and chaos and compassion - it's edginess with a purpose. Their regular works include Not All Men: The Game Show, and T4T: A Transgender Showcase, and they have also toured Anna Piper Scott: Such An Inspiration all around Australia and abroad to great critical acclaim.

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