Am I the Drama?

The Golden Gibbo nominated show returns for one last time!

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A blonde man wearing a pink sequinned top stares confusedly into the air while bathed in the glow of a spotlight.

Image Credit: Cameron Grant

  • Created and Performed by: Andy Balloch

Shut the front door and lock it behind you!

A new ride has opened up at Warner Bros’ Movie World, Hollywood on the Gold Coast™️, and you’ve got fricken VIP ACCESS, BABY!

Journey through the mind of unhinged homosexual Andy Balloch, where you’ll meet some truly borked characters, like: Clingy Nazis! Desperate real estate agents! ... and Harry from Love Island, who just wants to f*ck the pool jets.

Please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times, because this high camp, fast paced romp through the things that make us has NO BRAKES! (and maintenance refuses to help, even though we have called them MULTIPLE TIMES).

Nominated for the Golden Gibbo at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, an Australian Podcast of the Year award (2018- Best Comedy Podcast) and TWO Green Room awards (2021 / 2022 - Best Writing ‘Un-Wine-D’ & ‘The Butch is Back’, both with Reuben Kaye), Andy is finally facing the man in the mirror, because when good gays do nothing, we end up with glitter crocs.

"Andy Balloch is that rare thing of blissfully, joyously dumb and incredibly, enviably sharp!" - Reuben Kaye
"Expertly absurd." - The Age
"Nothing short of a wonder." - Beat Magazine
"Needle sharp, quick witted and cheeky." - Sydney Morning Herald

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