All The Fraudulent Horse Girls

Nostalgic, Queer, and the Equine Divine.

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An actor from 'All The Fraudulent horse Girls' photoshopped into the Mexican dessert with a pink sky. She wears a brown vest over a purple t-shirts over a long sleved striped t-shirt and a cowboy hat. The image looks like an old magazine cover and the actor looks at the sky in wonder

Image Credit: Sophie Minnissale

  • Directed by: Mitchell Whelan

  • Written by: Michael Louis Kennedy

  • Photograph by: Sophie Minnessale

Audrey is 11 years old and telepathically linked to all the other horse girls in the world (by her own reckoning). When she tries to steal a police horse on a school trip as a way of proving the legitimacy of her equine obsession, she is kicked in the head and thereafter finds herself in the Mexican desert; in a Cormac McCarthyesque fever dream wherein she must fight her way back to life.

After a hugely successful Australian premiere at the Blue Room Theatre's 'Summer Nights', this festival favourite gallops to Melbourne stages with strawberry kisses and the enthusiasm of new-born foal.

From the award-winning company that brought 'WHAT OF IT' to life (Theatre Works, 2023), 'All The Fraudulent Horse Girls' is the queer coming of age story of your childhood.

"So relatable I might have been watching a chronicle of my own childhood" - Magazine600
"The Summer Festival Season's biggest hit" - SeeSaw Magazine

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Lazy Yarns is theatre making collective based in Boorloo (Perth WA). We have been creating work with heart and humour to critical acclaim since 2016.

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