Acrobats! Dancers! Rollerskaters! (are all ways you could describe these two performers)

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Tighly framed image, one performs face is towards the camer and the other is turned away, they embrac each other and their hands obsurce our view of the lower half of their faces

Image Credit: Creswick Collective

  • Created and Performed by: Jake Silvestro and Romain Hassanin

  • Directed by: Adam Deusien

Stranded in a far away place, do you and your mates have the skills you need to survive? Can you work together to solve the problems you might face? What if you disagree...what happens then?

Alienation is a new physical theatre show by Jake Silvestro and Romain Hassanin. Using circus, dance, and rollerskates this absurd, surreal and dynamic show will take you on a journey to place where IT skills and business degrees won't help you.

Inspired by the quote “...alienation, the way in which, especially in Western Culture, people are separated psychologically and economically both from each other and from the natural world” - Martin Gayford, A History of Pictures.

This show wants to put a spotlight on our relationships with each other, with nature and what might happen if we dont remedy both.

Close your eyes and imagine the circus. If you like what you see, come to this show. If you don't like what you see, come to this show! We promise it's not what you might expect. There are going to be brilliant lights, powerful music and backflips, but like any good piece of theatre, so much more. We want to show you something that will leave you thinking for months to come.

Imagine contemporary art, except you get it. That's this show.

Quotes about our award-winning previous works:
"a unique and powerful work that will linger long in the memories of audiences lucky enough to experience it" - Bill Stephens, Canberra City News
"The work of Jake Silvestro defies categorisation. He is at once a dancer, a circus performer, a physical theatre artist, and a visual artist." - Michelle Potter, Canberra Critics Circle.

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