Aditya Gautam - Don't Call Me a Papadum

“Will have you laughing out of shock!” - **** The Advertiser

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  • Performed by: Aditya Gautam

“Comedy so spicy that your cheeks will be in constant pain” - **** FringeFeed
"An inappropriately Indian-Australian delight" - Stage Whispers

Warning - This is not just a comedy show!

This is the most amazing, the most exquisite, the most spicy, the most delicious looking, the most exotic smelling curry you will ever have!

Aditya Gautam is an author, screenwriter and stand-up comedian, but most importantly, he is Indian as f**k. Born and brought up in Delhi, Aditya now lives in Melbourne.

Whatever you do, don't call him a Papadum!

"If it were any hotter, I would have s**t my pants!" - Unknown Australian

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