Adam McKenzie - Hacked

Hilarious look at identity theft, online security and why it’s a bad idea to open your computer.

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  • Created and Performed by: Adam McKenzie

  • Directed by: Rama Nicholas

In September 2022, Adam was part of Australia’s largest ever cyber security disaster. In this funny brand NEW show, Adam dives deep into the Dark Web and finds out just how much of our identities have they stolen and how much of ourselves have we given away for free.

'Hacked' is a hilarious look at identity theft, online security and why it’s a really, really bad idea to even open your computer let alone interact with it.

I mean... they are probably hacking you right now. That’s silly. They aren’t hacking you RIGHT NOW and stealing all your data. You’ll be fine. Probably.

Adam shines a light on harmful conspiracy theories while at the same time examining that there are a lot of actions taken everyday that put your identity at risk. As our lives become more interconnected, we still don’t really know the depth of what it means to give so much of our data to global corporations and government agencies. This show also explores how to protect yourself online and how to be a digital citizen without giving up your identity in the process.

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