This is our AAAHMAZING show.

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Michael Hart blows into a melodica, while Solomon Rumble peers out over the melodica. The word “AAAH!” hangs diagonally above Solomon’s head. Michael is looking in the direction of the text, expressionless, while Solomon is looking at the camera with a shocked expression.

Image Credit: Lewis Egan/Michael Hart

  • Created and Performed by: Solomon Rumble and Michael Hart

Saturate yourself in a world full of detailed soundscapes, live foley art, music, improvisation and striking visuals. Long time collaborators Solomon Rumble and Michael Hart, co-founder of the Award-Winning Tedious Theatre, put their auditory curiosity on full display. Allow them licence to occupy your ears for 45 minutes and you may just be left exclaiming “AAAH” (in a good way).

Bring along a pair of headphones and experience 360 degree dynamic sound like never before.

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