A Zoom Group Project

The pandemic, teenagers and group assignments - all your worst nightmares brought back in a musical.

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On the bottom left of the image there is a girl wearing a pink top who has black hair and glasses that is smiling. Standing behind her is a girl wearing a black singlet who has black hair in braids that is smiling and posed with her right arm out flexed showing off her muscles. She is piggybacking a boy who is wearing an unbuttoned green and white stripped button-down with a white t-shirt underneath and has a look of delighted shock on his face. On the right of those three people is a girl wearing an all white suit set and is leaning against the other people with her right elbow. She is looking away from them all with an unimpressed expression on her face.

Image Credit: @kayalovesphotos

  • Presented by: Floor Work Theatre

  • Written by: Joshua Connell and Stephanie Lee

  • Produced by: An Dang

There may be a pandemic going on but Amy, Brandy, Lachlan and Tiffany have a MUCH bigger issue: a uni group assignment! Follow the four characters as they experience revelations about their relationships, express their dreams for the future, and hopefully stop fighting long enough to finish their work.

Will these four uni students be able to defy the odds and ace this assignment? Or will their differences get in the way...

Presented by Floor Work Theatre, 'A Zoom Group Project: The Musical', (recently nominated for a Green Room Association Award for New Australian Music Theatre Writing!) is a funny, chaotic, yet touching Australian musical explores the peculiarities of online learning, the anxiety of growing up in a climate crisis and the relatable struggle of being forced to get along with people who annoy you.

This year, this iconic and chaotic show is back to finally have its Melbourne Fringe debut with a new script, the same catchy songs everyone loves and a brand new talented cast!

"Beautiful, musical chaos" - Theatre Travels

"Creative, clever lyrics and melodies that overlapped and intercepted each other in true musical tradition" - Theatre People

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