Dance & Physical Theatre

A friendship of life and death

Cross Encounters invites you to experience a dramatic exploration of the bonds of friendship.

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  • Presented by: Cross Encounters

  • Produced by: Olivia Wang

A story of friendship and commitment shown through a unique physical theatre collaboration inspired by a famous Chinese ancient story.

This show is the first ever Chinese opera physical theatre piece to be presented in Australia. Drawing upon a Ming dynasty story from our rich heritage, a small ensemble of performers bring to life a journey of companionship and devotion. Come and participate in this bold attempt in an under-explored area, which crosses cultural bridges and meeting points in theatre making.

This project received Cash to Create through the Fringe Fund.

About Cross Encounters

Cross Encounters is a performing arts company dedicated to creating innovative intercultural theatrical and artistic productions. It is the first independent non-profit performing arts organisation in Melbourne with a particular focus on the exchange and communication between Chinese and Australian theatre, particularly physical theatre. By combining the best of the Australian and Asian performing arts sectors, it leads and fosters mutual conversations, partnerships, as well as networking and exchange opportunities between artists and audiences. The group was the recipient of Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence in Arts 2021.

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