You know it's not the same as it was. Maybe it's just a fantasy.

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A recreation of Harry Styles' album Harry's House, in which there is an upside down living room. One person is standing upright, looking down thoughtfully. Another person is sitting on the couch looking curiously out the window. They are upside down.

Image Credit: Ben Andrews (The Maybe Pile)

  • Written and Performed by: Lotte Beckett and Lily Hensby

Harry Styles is Lola's boyfriend. He's also her husband, collaborator, farm hand and soulmate. From tour outfits to romantic getaways, Lola has planned every part of their relationship. And Harry gives her all of his love, gives her something to dream about.

Exploring limerence, obsession and manifestation culture, A FINE LINE is a new dramedy by Hensby and Beckett.

Bring your posters, feather boas and most elaborate romantic fantasies.

Written and performed by Lotte Beckett and Lily Hensby
Directed by Gaden Sousa
Produced by Madison Bean
Marketing, images and design by Ben Andrews and Bridie Pamment

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