An addictive cabaret with Broadway bangers, self-help clangers and an overdose of courage.

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Performer Clare Elizabeth Dea, a Caucasian adult woman is sitting in front of a dressing room mirror with diva lights around it. She is wearing a black sequin dress, long silver dangling earrings and her blonde hair is short and curled. We see a dark image of the back of Clare's hair, shoulder and arm and in the mirror see a diva character looking posed but not all together.

Image Credit: James Gillot

  • Performed by: Clare Elizabeth Dea

  • Directed by: Andi Snelling

  • Presented by: The Butterfly Club

Please note: Melbourne Fringe’s ticket allocation is exhausted, for tickets visit the Butterfly Club website.

Coming down from her wedding, Clare is up again on chocolate, Netflix and scrolling socials. Pretty much doing anything she can to avoid the fact that her husband wants her to pop out a baby.

So why not birth a new solo show instead about the mother of all addictions...

No, not drugs or booze!

This is a different kind of vice, one we all share: The need to feel seen, heard and validated.

Let’s put all of us in the spotlight and jazz hands our way through rehab with some Liza Minnelli meets Brene Brown.

Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s diva-fuelled TV show ‘Smash’ and Clare’s own real-life opus of addiction, this is a daring new cabaret with a twist.

Featured on Studio 10 and in The Guardian, Clare's captivating singing and storytelling will have you laughing one minute, crying the next and screaming, “OMG, she actually just went there!”

Touring Australia for the last 3 years with her sell-out transformational theatrical experiences, this is Clare Elizabeth Dea as you’ve never seen her before.

Directed by multi-award winning artist Andi Snelling.

About Clare Elizabeth Dea

Clare Elizabeth Dea is a dynamic and captivating performance artist, keynote speaker and creative mentor empowering people to transform shame and love their imperfections.

She ‘whips the audience into a frenzy’ - Weekend Notes

Extremely passionate about authentic expression, storytelling and connection, audiences rave about her ability to move them so deeply.

“That was seriously one of the most brilliant performances I have ever seen” Benjamin Harvey.

Working in the entertainment industry, Clare started wearing a lot of masks on and off the stage. Hiding from the world that she was born with Poland's Syndrome, a rare congenital condition where her left hand side of her body is smaller than her right. Born without her left pec, her left breast never developed as a teenager. She was so ashamed of her body, she kept it a secret until she was 28.

After years of therapy and creative development, she wrote and published her book ‘The One Breast Goddess - transforming shame into beauty.’ This led to many speaking opportunities including an invite from Tedx.

In 2019, Clare launched her show 'Devil Woman' at The Melbourne Fringe Festival, delving into her body challenges in a comedy cabaret.

Media caught onto her story and she started receiving publicity all over Australia. Studio 10, The Guardian, Herald Sun, Channel 9 Honey, The News Daily, The Melbourne Explorer all featuring her story. Then American Company 'Hashtag Stories' saw her story and together they crafted a video about her show, which received over 1 million hits in the first 24 hours.

To complete a transformative 2019, a short film that she starred in ‘Bodies’ played in Hollywood and New York at NYC Doc Fest.

During covid, Clare created an online reality TV show ‘Love in Quarantine’ to help singles in lockdown experience connection.

The last 3 years Clare has been touring Australia with sell out seasons, inspiring others to love all parts of themselves.

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