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3 advocates, 2 acts, 1 compelling journey; dance & Down syndrome intertwined.

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  • Presented by: The emotion21 Dancers

  • Created by: Catherine Annable, Emily Woodward & Jamie Halliday

  • Directed by: Tristan Sinclair

Welcome to the world of '3-2-1', a dance show as dynamic as the countdown suggests. Within each of us, 3 copies of chromosome 21 dance in unison, creating a unique rhythm known as Trisomy 21, or Down syndrome. We are 19 performers, each embodying this dance within our DNA. Journey with us as we share our unique capabilities, acknowledge our challenges, and celebrate the ways our different-ability enhances life. Conceived and crafted by 3 creators with Down syndrome, '3-2-1' explores the 3 intertwined themes of capability, challenge, and enhancement, offering you an unforgettable portrait of our lived experiences.

Through dance, we become more than just performers—we become imagineers and storytellers. Our bodies, imbued with experiences unique to us, are the medium through which these narratives are shared. This approach is not just innovative—it is a subversive act against long-standing norms about who can be a dancer and what kind of dance is deemed worthy. Prepare to experience our most groundbreaking and compelling choreography, as we breathe life into a captivating fusion of contemporary, lyrical, and experimental dance.

We present capability as a kaleidoscope, revealing and enhancing diversity to challenge preconceptions in beautiful and unexpected ways. '3-2-1' is more than a show—it's a reimagining of dance through the lens of Down syndrome.

This project received Cash to Create through the Fringe Fund.

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