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Post-event FAQs

VCR Fest may be over, but we’re still here to answer your questions!

What if I forgot to pay?

If you attended one of our Choose Your Price events but didn’t make it to the digital foyer to pay after, now’s your chance! You can pay for your ticket using this easy online form until midday Thursday 14 August.

I missed it! Are any of the events still available to view?

VCR Fest was curated as a one-off, had-to-be-there festival experience. However, we’re pleased to be able to provide free access to the two panels that occurred over the weekend: Art x Access and Talking Digital Art. You can watch the panels with closed captions here.

Keep an eye on our social media channels over the coming weeks, where we’ll be sharing some VCR Fest highlights and bonus content.

Is it happening again?

That’s all from VCR Fest for now. However, the 2020 Melbourne Fringe Festival will take place 12-29 November, with our Digital Fringe platform returning bigger and better than ever!

Top Tech Tips

We’ve worked hard to make sure everything runs smoothly, but if you do run in to trouble, give these tips a go before contacting us (if you can). Technology, right?!

  • Reload your web page
  • Restart your browser/app
  • Check that the video isn’t muted
  • Try allowing pop-ups and enabling cookies
  • Check your internet connection – how many devices are using the network? What’s the upload and download speed?
  • Restart the Wi-Fi on your device
  • Restart your router
  • Try a different device, if you have one
  • Check your emails (and that pesky junk folder)

Lost? You can always return to any event listing page for event-specific information, or contact our friendly Ticketing team: or call (03) 9660 9600. They’re available all the way through VCR Fest.

Foyer Chat

How do I access the chat?

Click on “Open Chat” button in the bottom left of your screen OR switch to the Digital Foyer tab, from thirty minutes prior to the event.

Can I use the chat during the event?

You sure can! We recommend having the Performance Space open on one screen or device, and the Digital Foyer open in another – this way you can watch the show AND be part of the chat! Or, you can click “Pop out” in the chat to open it in a new window and have it open in the same screen as the stream.

I’m in the chat but I can’t get back to the event.

Click the Performance Space tab on the top left of your screen.

What are the rules?

We’re glad you asked. By participating in the chat you’re agreeing to the Melbourne Fringe Terms and Conditions. In summary, be nice.


Why does my video keep buffering?

Check your device has an internet connection. Test your download speed by using this Speed Test. A download speed less than 5 Mbps is pretty poor, 20 Mbps is pretty good. You can try hot-spotting from your phone – but make sure you have enough data!

All I can see is a blank screen.

This could be browser compatibility issues. Try a different browser. We recommend Google Chrome – you can download Chrome here.

The stream is frozen.

Press the “LIVE” button to sync your stream, refresh your browser, and try the other tips above.

Any other tips?

Close any other open tabs or windows.

How do I cast to my smart TV, ChromeCast or Apple TV?

You should see a small casting button on the control bar of the video player. If it’s not appearing for you, double check that you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi on all devices. If you’re streaming using an Apple TV, you may need to unmute on your device before streaming to your TV. Still having problems? Refresh, restart and retry!

If all else fails, pop open that laptop.

Can I watch full screen?

Absolutely. Hover over the video to bring up the control bar, then click the full screen button.


Is my sound working?

The volume on the video player is often off by default when the stream begins – turn it on by pressing the small volume button on the player and dragging the slider up (hover over or click on the video player to find the control panel). If there’s a line through it, it’s on mute. Clicking it will unmute it. Check your computer volume is turned up, or try connecting headphones. Checking the chat should let you know pretty quickly if it’s just you, or if your fellow audience members are experiencing the same issue.

The audio is out of sync.

Press the LIVE button to make sure you’re watching live, and try all the other tech tips above. Again, the chat will let you know if it’s just you or an issue across the board. This shouldn’t feel like a bad pop concert.

The sound keeps dropping out.
If you’re connecting through headphones or earphones, make sure are they securely placed in jack or port and that they fully functioning, or check the Bluetooth connection on your device. Check the sound settings on your device.

Check your internet connection isn’t being interrupted.

Other tips?

Close any other open tabs or windows. Refresh your browser.


What time is the event?

The event start time is listed on the event listing and on your email. Events are all in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), so if you’re watching from another time zone make sure you check the time difference.

I don’t want to log in, can I still watch VCR Fest events?

Our website requires a login to access all events. It’s free and quick to create an account, and we won’t use your personal information for any other purposes without your consent.

Where’s my email with my event link?

Check your junk and spam folders. Confirmations and reminders can often hide out there.

I have an account, but I can’t log in to the website.

Try “reset my password”. Or perhaps you created an account with a different email address?

Do I need to register?

For Choose Your Price and Free (non-ticketed) events, you can choose to register or just turn up on the event listing form 30 minutes prior to the event and click the Enter Digital Event button. Even if you don’t register, you’ll need to create a Melbourne Fringe account to watch the event. For pre-ticketed events, you’ll need to book a ticket to receive the event link as capacity is limited.

When do I pay for my Choose Your Price event?

You can pay in the digital foyer after the event (or at any time during the show if you need to shoot off early).

The payment function in the foyer keeps freezing.

You might need to “allow pop-ups from this website” or, if you’re using Safari, change your browser settings to allow pop-ups. Or, try a different browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

It’s not accepting my card!

We accept Mastercard & VISA only.

I want to pay over the phone.

No worries. Please call (03) 9660 9600.

I forgot to pay for my event yesterday! Can I still Choose My Price?

Sure thing! Give us a call and we’ll sort you out.

Thanks, but I still need help.

Contact our friendly Ticketing team: or call (03) 9660 9600. They’re available all the way through VCR Fest.


I can’t see the Auslan interpreters.

If your event is listed as Auslan interpreted but you can’t see the interpreters, use the chat to reach our friendly Fringe team and they will assist. See Zoom-specific Auslan interpreter tips below.

Where are the captions?

Most events are utilising a live external transcript instead of captions – this link will be posted in the foyer chat (or Zoom chat for Zoom events) at the start of the event. You can request the link via the chat if you missed it at the beginning. If closed captions are available, there is a small subtitle icon on the control bar of the video player.

For accessibility reasons I can’t watch at the scheduled time. Is there an option for me to watch the event later?

Some live performances will be recorded and available to watch again, on request and if required for access purposes. Contact our friendly Ticketing team: or call (03) 9660 9600 for more information.


Fringe Fridays, Mr. McClelland’s Finishing School, Creating Digital Art and Talking Digital Art will be happening in Zoom. We like to think we’re Zoom pros after months of working from home, and we’ve covered what we can below, but for help straight from the masters head to the Zoom website.

 How do I see the Auslan interpreter?

Some Zoom events are Auslan interpreted. You can ‘pin’ interpretation by clicking on the three white dots in a blue button on the top right of an interpreter video.

Do I need to download zoom to attend?

Yes. Ensure Zoom is downloaded onto your device. You can download Zoom here:

I don’t have a video camera on my device, can I still attend the event?

Yep, you can either just connect via audio on your computer or contact and we can provide a dial-in number.

I registered but didn’t receive an email with my details.

Your link will be sent to the email you used to book 2 hrs prior to the event. If it hasn’t arrived in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder.

I can’t load the Zoom link.

Try using different internet browser.

I’m stuck in the waiting room!

Someone will let you in soon. If in doubt, email

Why isn’t my microphone/video working?

Click the arrow next to the microphone icon in the bottom left-hand corner. If there are multiple devices, check that the correct device is selected. Select ‘test speaker and microphone’ and follow prompts. If all else fails, use the chat in Zoom or “raise your hand” to get attention and we’ll help you out or provide the dial in number.

Why can’t I hear anything?

Check your audio settings on Zoom. Click the arrow next to the microphone icon in the bottom left-hand corner. If there are multiple, check that the right device is selected

Select ‘test speaker and microphone’ and follow prompts. Try attaching headphones – this may help you hear more clearly.