Staff and Consultants

Creative Director & CEO – Simon Abrahams

Executive Assistant – Ciaran Frame


Business and Operations team

General Manager & Deputy CEO – Will Dawson

Business and Systems Manager – Lucy Pitt

Program Manager (Common Rooms) – Ali Coad

Bar & Events Manager – Cal Gleeson

Broadcast Manager (Virtual Common Rooms) – Antonio Cafasso

Broadcast Coordinator – Karen Dennerley

Production Coordinator – Rylan Beckinsale

Technical Operators – Ali Graham, Zen Meiglo

Vision Switchers – Kenton Reeder, Lillian Yau, Marian Matthews, Phil Bailey

Camera Operators – Alan Satalich, Alex Zemtsov, David Chau, Francesco Minniti, Kelly Hildreth, Maddie Perfect

COVID Safe Marshals – Imogen Titmarsh, Sarah Cowdell

Common Rooms Interns – Gemma Livingstone and Susan D’Souza

Club Fringe interns –  Eliza Stone and Harry Dowling

Production Interns – Jessica Hayden and Ryan Dunt

Programs and Projects team

Head of Programs & Projects – Danny Delahunty

Program Manager (Independent Arts) – Anna Nalpantidis

Producer (Major Projects) – Eilysh Toose

Producer (Club Fringe at Home) – Ali Coad

Access & Inclusion Coordinator – Carly Findlay

Program Coordinator (Artist Services) – Christa Jonathan

Deadly Fringe Program Coordinator – Tuuli Narkle

Fringe Furniture Coordinator – Brigit Ryan

Broadcast Manager (Content) – Mat Spisbah

Digital Fringe Interns – Caitlin Harry and Georgia Bell

Fringe Furniture Intern – Emillie King

Keynote Program Intern – Sarah Matthews

Open Access Program Intern – Grace O’Sullivan

Casual Program Administrators – Brent Davidson, Chanelle Sheehan, Matt Hirst, Rachel Hanley, Sarah Neville

Marketing and Development team

Head of Development – Miranda Borman

Head of Marketing – Erin Muller

Marketing Campaigns Manager – Dan Beacom

Funding, Strategy & Evaluation Manager – Pauline Cady

Communications & Partnerships Manager – Caitlin McNaughton

Ticketing Manager – Stacey Lavender

Marketing Coordinator – Mia Halse

Marketing & Development Coordinator – Lillian Birch

Ticketing Coordinators –  Nick Turner and Rachel Hanley

Box Office Attendants – Alex Morris, Alyce Stampa, Bonnie Perry, Brent Davidson, Chanelle Sheehan, Chiara Gabrieli, Evan Lawson, Harry Diviny, Harry Thompson, Mitch Mackay, Oliver Bailey, Shyla Howell

Marketing Interns – Anastasia Swadling, Emlyn Sugden, Miranda Park


Bookkeeping – Sam Ryan (S.A.Y.S.O Pty. Ltd.)

Copywriting – Dan Giovannoni

Branding & Creative Agency – Raft Studio

Pro Bono Legal Advisers – Shiff and Co Lawyers and Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers

Professional Development Consultant – Laura Milke-Garner

Publicity – Zilla & Brook

Registration System  – Eventotron

Risk Management – Tracey Wall, Safety in Numbers

Ticketing – Red61

Website and Social Media – efront and Design by Wolf

Auslan Training – Auslan Consultancy – James Blyth and Luke King

Producer, Fringe Focus Taiwan – Fred Chuang

Marketing, Fringe Focus Taiwan – Michelle Tseng


Thank You

Andrew Abbott, Julia Adams, Hadley Agrez, Feyi Akindoyeni, Nicole Beyer, Caroline Bowditch, Sarah Buckley, Dan Clarke, Max Coffman, Holly Cooper, Jane Crawley, Tanya Dickson, Tara Ellis, Martin Foley, Carrillo Gantner, Jane Montgomery Griffiths, Luke Hilakari, Stacy Holman-Jones, Justine Hyde, Damien Hodgkinson, Luke King, Matt Kunkel, Edwina Lunn, Tabitha Lovett, Maggie Maguire, Harriet McCallum, James McCaughey, Candy Mitchell, Debra Morgan, Tom Mosby, Antony Moore, Paul Muller, Alice Nash, Gideon Obarzanek, Kalinda Palmer, Sam Redston, Craig Semple, Laila Thaker, Simon Tucker, Nicole Warren, Alexandra White, and all of our Auslan interpreters. And a big thank you to our families, friends, partners, parents, children, children-to-be, lovers, ex-lovers and heart-breakers, who have forgiven our absences and accepted our sacrifices to the gods of Fringe. Everyone, cross your fingers that the NBN works…