Creative Director and CEO – Simon Abrahams

Executive Assistant – Eden Cotter-Longworth


Business and Operations team

General Manager and Deputy CEO – Will Dawson

Venue Manager – Cal Gleeson

Access Advisor – Carly Findlay

Business and Operations Manager – Louise Richardson

Technical Manager – Rylan Beckinsale

Production Manager – Meredith Rehburg

Marketing and Development team

Head of Development – Miranda Borman

Head of Marketing – Erin Muller

Publicist and Copywriter – Adam Valentine

Communications and Engagement Manager – Caitlin McNaughton

Marketing Campaigns Manager – Michelle Tseng

Funding, Strategy and Evaluation Manager – Pauline Cady

Development Coordinator – Ciaran Frame

Marketing Coordinator – Ethan Cavanagh

Programs and Projects team

Head of Programs and Projects – Danny Delahunty

Program Manager (Common Rooms) – Ali Coad

Program Manager (Independent Arts) – Anna Nalpantidis

Producer (Major Projects) – Eilysh Toose

Producer (Festival Hub) – Matt Hirst

Program Coordinator (Artists and Venues) – Ash Morris

Program Coordinator (Design Fringe) – Brigit Ryan

Program Coordinator (Deadly Fringe) – Digby Mercer

Program Coordinator (Deadly Fringe) – Kimberley Lovegrove

Artists and Venues Liaison – Simran Giria

Program Coordinator (Club Fringe) – Tom Backhaus


Bookkeeping – Sam Ryan (S.A.Y.S.O Pty. Ltd.)

Branding & Creative Agency – Raft Studio

Registration System  – Eventotron

Risk Management – Emily O’Brien

Ticketing – Red61

Uncle to Melbourne Fringe – Wesley Enoch AM

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