Staff and Board

Melbourne Fringe Staff

Creative Director & CEO – Simon Abrahams
General Manager & Deputy CEO – Hadley Agrez
Festival Producer – Danny Delahunty
Marketing & Development Manager – Miranda Borman
Access & Inclusion Coordinator – Carly Findlay
Associate Producer, Artistic Development – Patrick Hayes
Associate Producer, Participation – Tom Browne
Business Operations & Systems Manager – Shirrah Comeadow
Deadly Fringe Emerging Producers – Caleena Sansbury (Narrunga, Ngarrindjeri and Kaurna) and Laila Thaker (Badulaig, Meriam Mir)
Festival Administrator – Christa Jonathan
Funding Manager – Pauline Cady
Marketing & Development Coordinator – Michelle Tseng

Festival Staff

Communications Coordinator – Jane Noonan
Creative Projects Coordinator – Kristina Arnott
Festival Hub Operations Manager – Stephanie Speirs
Lighting Designer, Festival Club – Brendan Jellie
Partnerships Manager – Alice Muhling
Production Coordinator – Rylan Beckinsale
Production Manager – Ian Corcoran
Special Events Coordinator – Cameron Stewart
Ticketing Coordinators – Stacey Lavender and Lauren Simpson
Ticketing Manager & Participation Liaison – Caitlin McNaughton
Volunteers Coordinator – Lucy Fekete


Bookkeeping – Sam Ryan (S.A.Y.S.O. Pty. Ltd.)
Branding and Creative Agency – Raft Studio
Copywriting – Dan Giovannoni
Pro Bono Legal Adviser – Baker McKenzie
Photography – Theresa Harrison and Sarah Walker
Publicity – Zilla & Brook
Social Media Consultant – Dave Pocock
Sponsorship Consultant – Abby Elisha
Risk Management – Bill Coleby (Coleby Consultancy)
Registration System – Eventotron
Ticketing – Red61
Website – efront and Design by Wolf
Professional Development Consultant – Laura Milke Garner
Video Production – Lachlan Macleod
Visual Designer, Festival Club – Yvette Turnbull


Chair – Gideon Obarzanek
Deputy Chair – Nicholas Verginis
Company Secretary – Juanita Pope
Treasurer – Liza Gelt
Directors – Kirsty Ellem, Mike Hyde, Stephanie Hamilton, Ben Lee and Nicky Klempfner
Observers – Chris Booton and Simon Tucker
Fundraising and Advocacy Advisor – Maggie Maguire OAM

Thank you

Tom Abud, Xanthe Beesley, Nicole Beyer, Sarah Buckley, Charlotte Christie, Fiona Cook, Holly Cooper, Jane Crawley, Tara Ellis, Lydia Fairhall, Sean Flynn, Dan Koop, Sue Giles, Neal Harvey, Damien Hodgkinson, Jeremy King, Luke King, Matt Kunkel, Pete Labzsa, Monica Lim & Konfir Kabo, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne Festival, Kath Mainland, Erica McCalman, Luke McKinnon, Caroline Moore, Alice Nash, Nithya Nagarajan, Ian Pidd, Mark Pritchard, Pooria a Sadr, Helen Salmon, Richard Sassin, Gabriele Urban, Richard Watts, Sue & Ted Woodward. Our families, friends, partners, parents, children, children-to-be, lovers, ex-lovers and heart breakers, who have forgiven our absences and accepted our sacrifices to the gods of Fringe.