Melbourne Fringe


Melbourne Fringe 1982 – Today

Melbourne Fringe is the longest-running multi-arts Festival in Victoria. Through creative programs and partnerships, Melbourne Fringe has consistently provided new and relevant ways of supporting artists and activating audiences.

1982 – Fringe Art Network is created after the closing of the Pram Factory

1983 – First Fringe Festival occurs presenting the work of 120 artists in 25 locations across Melbourne

1984 –Brunswick Street parade begins as an annual event promoting the Festival and the Fringe Arts Network and runs until 2001

1984 – Victorian Government investment begins. In 1984, the Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds expanded and Melbourne's Fringe Arts Network became the Melbourne Piccolo Spoleto Fringe Festival for the next three years.

1986 – Fringe Arts Network reclaims its independence from Spoleto and reorients itself as Melbourne Fringe.

1986 – Fringe Furniture exhibition begins and continues today be the longest-running Melbourne Fringe event.

1996  – Fringe Fashion Award begins and runs until 2001

1994 – First Key Message Partnership established with the TAC

1997 – Buzzcuts Program begins as a platform to publish reviews of Festival events and continues today

1999 – Melbourne Fringe Hub model is created in North Melbourne

1999 – The first Fringe Architecture exhibition begins and runs until 2001

2002 – Fringe Inventions begins and runs until 2004

2006 – Digital Fringe begins and runs until 2010

2008 – Melbourne Fringe offices move from Easey Street to City Village in the City of Melbourne

2009 –Melbourne Fringe wins ABAF Australia Business Arts Marsh Partnering Award, 2009 presented to Melbourne Fringe for our partnership with Yarra Trams

2011 –Melbourne Fringe wins Tourism Victoria Award for Best Major Event or Festival

2011 – Economic Survey shows that Melbourne Fringe has an annual economic impact of over $12 million in the state of Victoria

2011 – Tour Ready Program begins

2012 – Melbourne Fringe in its 30<sup>th</sup> year is a 3 week-long Festival supporting the work of over 2000 artists in 150 locations across Melbourne

2013 – Melbourne Fringe On Tour, a new regional and outer-metropolitan program tours work from the Melbourne Fringe Festival, reaching eight regional performing arts centres and bringing independent work to new audiences

2013 – Melbourne Fringe invites digital artists, filmmakers and animators to participate in the Festival through Digital Creatures