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If you’re playing to win, you need to be a Fringe Dweller. It’ll give you a head-start on pretty much every aspect of playing Fringe. Fringe Dwellers receive a special 25% discount on up to two full priced tickets, to selected events in the Festival. That’s roughly five bucks off the cost of your ticket. Maths isn’t our strong suit, but if you buy seven tickets and save five bucks a ticket – that’s your membership paid for. And that’s before you’ve even touched the other sweet member benefits, which include:

  • Discounts on drinks at the Festival Club bar – ‘cause members should never pay full price
  • Discounts with a range of our partners – it’s nice to have friends in high places
  • A monthly newsletter packed with giveaways all year round

The Festival may only go on for 2.5 weeks but Fringe Dwellers are winners all year round.

Don’t dwell on it. Join now!
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a group of artists in shiny purple tights, standing in a line, with their arms raising above their heads

Discordia, Melbourne Fringe 2017, Photo by Mark Gambino.